Frequently asked questions

General questions

Who is Watch Us?

Deaf Action is responsible for Watch Us which was made for the New Zealand Deaf Community.

How do I get to see all the stories?

If you are a Deaf New Zealander you may register to access all the stories uploaded. Some stories are on the open page which are visible to everyone while other stories can only be seen by those who have registered.

Why are some stories open to everyone and not others?

People who share their stories have the option of making it available on the open site so everyone can see it, or only for the community. This gives the storyteller the ability to control who sees their stories, this is important when sharing something personal.

What is the difference between ‘open’ and ‘community only’?

Stories that are open can be seen by anyone accessing the WatchUs website. It can be shared on Facebook or twitter. People who google your name will see your story.

If the story is in the ‘community only’ section it can only be seen by those who register, that is they are members of the New Zealand Deaf Community. Stories here cannot be shared on Facebook or twitter.

Video and photo

What resolution and format should I use for my profile picture?

Your profile photo must have a maximum size of 300×300 pixels. We accept JPG and PNG.

What should I know about the video function?

If possible, use the h.264 codec.

The framerate should be 24, 25 oder 30 fps.

The best resolution is 680×370 format.

Have a look for good sound quality and no noise in the background.

You can upload the following format only: .mp4.

How long can my video be?

The maximum length of a video should be maximum 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

How large can my video be?

The maximum size of any video is 20 MB.

Who holds the copyright for Watch Us?

The text of your story and the video belongs to you as a user. If your story is on the open page everyone has the right to share your story.

If a story is shared in some form, it must always be specified as to its origin. The stories may not be modified by others.

Who can share my profile?

If your profile is public, anyone can share your profile. If it is in the community section only, however, there is no way to share it automatically.

Other questions

Who do I contact if I have questions, suggestions or ideas?

Write an email to Watch Us Team.