Registration Process

Grace Covey

Here's the process on how to upload your story step by step.

  1. Create Your Profile

    Register your profile here if you haven't done so


  2. Record your story

    Follow our instructions on how to record your story.

    Please follow our requirements for the video.

    Also it is optional for you to add your own transcript.


  3. Fill in the online form and upload your story

    Ensure your video has meet the requirements, and if you want, create the transcript of the video ready to be upload (if not, that is okay as we will do it for you).

    Ready to upload? Fill in the online form


  4. Upload via YouTube Channel

    Already imported your video onto your own YouTube channel? Provide us the embed code or url link of your video.

    Fill in the online form and then we'll put it up for you.


  5. Privacy

    Do you want your story vlog to be

    • open to public     OR
    • closed in the Deaf community section only?

    You are in control. You decide if you want your story to be open to everyone or only to the New Zealand Deaf community who have registered.

    Open means your story can be seen by anyone. The link can be copied and shared on Facebook, Twitter and other places.

    Closed means only New Zealand Deaf Community people who have registered can see your story.  It cannot be copied onto Facebook or Twitter.