P?nui Two - July 2018

P?nui two july 2018Watch Us is a space for Deaf people to come together to share our turangawaewae, our stories as Deaf people in Aotearoa New Zealand.

It is a pleasure to share with you some things we have been doing over the last month.

Filming Notes

I went up to Auckland for a day with Victoria and Thora to film our ‘notes’ with Eyefilms. 'Notes' are short messages to explain ideas or points for you to think about. 'Notes' may be linked to your story to highlight something to help us all understand ourselves better.

We have three streams of notes:

a) Human Rights
c) Deafhood

We enjoyed researching information, writing and filming these notes in NZSL. They will be added to the Watch Us website over time. We hope you will enjoy these too.

Can you guess who worked on the Human Rights notes? Who did the NZSL notes? And who did the Deafhood notes? You will see the answers when we upload the notes onto the Watch Us website.

Hui workshops

We are thrilled to have some bookings now coming in for Watch Us Hui/Workshops. We will do a Hui in Napier, Hawkes Bay on July 28, Hamilton 15 & 16 September (one for everyone and one with a focus on the M?ori Deaf community). We are close to confirming dates for Tauranga and Whangarei too!

We are still talking to people in other places too, it takes time to organise a venue etc. We are so looking forward to coming to your town to share with you.

Older Deaf People: One lovely surprise came from some older Deaf people who said they would like to share their stories, share their experiences, their advocacy work and projects they were part of over the years. Thank you to these people, we are having a think about how we could do this, how we could make this part of the Watch Us project. A great idea.

Rachel Noble (Watch Us Project Lead)

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