Human Rights: Who? What? Where from? And who is responsible?

During World War II, a large number of people were injured and killed so, when it was over, 50 countries from around the world got together and agreed that there can’t be a terrible war like this again. They set up the United Nations and, in 1948, put together the list of Human Rights. They called it the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Since it was put together in 1948, it remains unchanged which is quite amazing!

New Zealand law recognises the Human Rights Act 1993.

The Government is responsible for making sure the Human Rights Act is upheld as well as businesses, local councils and the general public. That means that we are each responsible for protecting people’s rights as well as other people around us.

Here in New Zealand, we have the Human Rights Commission. It is responsible for making sure that there is no discrimination. If someone experiences discrimination, they can make a complaint to the Human Rights Commission who will hold an investigation and make sure that the discrimination does not continue.

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