My eyes are fine

Post by Claude Potts

Hello, when I was at Kelston School, when I was about 16/17, I asked if I could drive. I was told ‘no because you are Deaf, you can’t drive’. I was shocked. I said ‘I can’.

When I was 18 I finished school and went home. I asked Mum and Dad, ‘I can drive’. They said ‘no, you’re Deaf’. I kept pushing and pushing, asking and asking. They rang Kelston School who said ‘no, I can’t drive’. So again, I lobbied.

Then Kelston School sent me some resources. I could learn and practice the test. Then the three of us, Mum, Dad and me, went to Kelston School so I could do the test. There was mum and dad there, and another man who gave me the test. I had to organise the papers, I went through and ticked all the answers. The man helped and then I passed!!

I could now drive around, it was great. My ears don’t work but my eyes are fine. We use our eyes for driving. Mum and Dad had to accept that they were wrong.

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