Its our Deaf Club

Post by Roger Robertson

Hello I’m Roger. When I was about 16, i first went to the ‘club’, the Lions Club upstairs (of Taradale RSA). When I first went in, first opened the door it was like whooooa… wow, plenty of adult Deaf people were there, I had a good look around all the people there. I knew Deaf people who were the same age as me but these older Deaf people were different. I went in, started signing – it was interesting talking to the adults there. I kept going over time.

At one time they wanted to look for another hall to hire to use as the Deaf Club. So we moved to a place closer to town. The group kept meeting there, it was our life. It was fun, the adults, the young ones, we all mixed together well. We had good fun, we enjoyed ourselves, laughed a lot, had lots of long conversations in sign language. We were there for a long time,

Then Polly and Ray Foreman saved and saved and saved a lot of money over a long time. They were successful and got enough money to buy our own Deaf Club in Lee Road Hawkes Bay. Its been going for about 20 years now. Its our Deaf Club here in Hawkes Bay. Its good. Its sweet, I’m proud. I love Hawkes Bay.

Thank you to Polly and Ray for raising the funds for our Deaf club. Handwaves.

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