I love sign language

Post by Kiritai Hunia

Tena koe tena koe katoa

Kia Ora, my name is Kiritai Hunia. I’ll start by telling you that I teach NZSL. When did I start, quite a while ago. First I did the Deaf Studies course then I got my certificate to teach NZSL. I have been a professional sign language teacher for a long time, now I’ve stopped and now I’m more relaxed.

I love sign language. For many years when I was small there was no sign language. I had to talk and talk and talk and talk. I love sign language, it is good for everybody. I enjoy meeting different people. There is diversity within sign langauge. Some use different signs, some are from different cultures, its not all the same. But now it is improving, I hope so for the future.

I’m nearly finished, I love to see all (signing), I love to see students, I love to see hearing students – why not. All welcome.

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