I learnt and learnt

Post by Sharleen Cartwright

Hello, my name is Sharleen, name sign….

When my parents broke up, I went to live with my mother. Me, I had no idea who I was. There were no Deaf people around the school, nothing, and my mother lived in Akaroa. Absolutely no Deaf people there at all. For three years I always sat by myself, I sat alone for three years at school.

My parents thought, I don’t know how they got the idea, better to put me to van Asch Deaf school. I went to the Deaf school and that’s how I started to learn sign language, there. I learnt and learnt. Was put down a wee bit but I continued to learn there. Ah, this is me now, I belong with Deaf culture, and I learnt more through the Deaf Club too.

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