Finding NZSL

Post by Anne Wyrill

Hello! My name is Anne Wyrill and this is my sign name. My topic is about how I came to understand Deaf Pride.

My parents had no information, they knew nothing about Deaf, Deaf Pride or the Deaf community. They decided to put me into the hearing world, in a mainstream hearing school. In the classroom I missed so much learning, I was falling behind.

So, going forward my parents decided to put me in the Deaf Unit, it was the first time I met with other Deaf people. I saw sign language, it was TC (Total Communication). I learnt ABC, I learnt so much information, it was beautiful to see sign language all around me, with NZSL my heart was pumping.

NZSL is in my heart – it can’t come out, its MINE. I’ll never forget that, it’s still the same today.

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