Deaf old school mates

Post by Ricky Searle

Hello my name is Ricky Searle, my sign name is…..

I was told that the hearing school was not good for me. You must go to Kelston School for Deaf. You are full Deaf and you must accept that. No problem, I have to listen to mum and dad. They said I have to go to the Deaf school.

One time I had to write and write lots of lines because I was naughty. I had to write 100 lines. I had to give that to my teacher who patted my shoulder and said I was a good boy. Mr Bartlett – he was a tough teacher. I then went off.

I like Deaf people, no problem. Now I see Deaf signing away, using signs I have never seen before. I don’t know those signs, I’m like a little boy when I watch them. Me use bigger signs, different way of signing.

But yes I had a teacher who taught me . I improved a lot. (missing a part here)

Good to have plenty of friends from old school days, yes I know well all the women. I see them all and we accept each other, we all have good times together.

Deaf Club, first time, I asked where we are going? To Deaf Club? Never been there before. I never went out. Come on they said, we’ll drive there. You have to dress nice. I said nah, I like to dress rough. No you must look good said mum, I have to listen. So I go to Deaf Club, never been there before, ooohhhh, there’s a bar, can drink plenty. I can play pool, and drink more. I can chat with people in sign language. It was good. Deaf people, old school mates, good friends. It was great. Deaf Club finished at 11 o’clock at night, whoo, I would be very drunk, hard to walk. I would be dropped off home, I say thank you to them.

Thank you

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