Changing Attitudes

Post by Jennifer Brain

I will talk about changing attitudes, within ourselves and other people about Sign Language.

I remember when I was 17/18, we used to meet with other Deaf people in town by the Civic Theatre. We used to meet there, say 5 o’clock, or half past 5. When we got together we would stand in a circle. We signed within the circle as we didn’t want people outside to watch. It was a private thing for us to sign together.

Now, as time has moved on things are more open and we have more acceptance of ourselves as Deaf. Being ok with using Sign Language, it’s ok to sign. It’s ok to sign openly anywhere and not worry about what other people think. Attitudes now have changed, hearing people are more accepting of sign language, they’re interested in it.

Plus as a Deaf person, its about accepting who I am, accepting sign language. Accepting that sign language is part of me and my friends who are Deaf and that is part of our identity.

Sign language. Its fantastic

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