Record your story

Jarrod Burrell

It is important to know how to share your story in an engaged way. Go at your own speed and gain the confidence to put your story on a short video. After this session, you will have your story in a video to upload it on your profile.

You may need to make up to three videos to help you practice your story.

Nowadays most people have smartphone with an integrated camera.

We recommend using this for your WatchUs video. Alternatively, you could also use a handy digital camera or even a DSLR with a video recording function.

Helpful tips to film your story

Hold your smartphone horizontally (sideways) not vertically. (1.11)


Use the rear camera of your smartphone. In most cases, this records a better quality (1.22)


Charge your phone before filming, or use charging cable during recording. (1.41)


Set your smartphone to flight mode to avoid text messages or calls. (1.51)


Stabilise your camera/phone. Use a tripod, a table or something similar. If you have a friend holding the camera for you: Have them keep their feet shoulder-width apart, breathe slowly and keep both hands on the camera (preferably holding it with thumb and index finger) (2.07)


Make sure there is a lot of light! Be careful that you are sufficiently lit up. Use a window in front of you for a natural light. Your face needs to be clear. Make sure there is no distracting light behind you (2.31)


Make sure the background is not busy and that there is nothing in the way (2.44)


Position yourself and the camera so your hands are in the frame, film from just below the elbow up and make sure there is not too much headspace (2.56)


Keep your voice off as you sign your story (3.13)


Do not position yourself exactly in the middle of the picture. If you are in the golden ratio, the picture is more appealing. (3.18)


If you have two people in the picture we must be able to see both of you, you will need to sit close together (3.40)


Keep your story less than 2 ½ minutes long. (2.51)

Record about 5 seconds before and after signing (3.57)

When you are finished watch your story. Are you happy with it?

Think about these points:

  1. Is your signing clear? Does the story makes sense?
  2. Repeat filming until it is perfect
  3. Is it under 2 mins and 30 seconds
  4. Is the lighting good? Are your hands in the frame?

You can redo your recording until you are happy with it


Upload your Video now on your personal Watch Us profile.