With just a phone number I am stuck

Post by Natasha

Hi it’s me Natasha and I would like to share with you.

I live here in Auckland and we have been in Covid lockdown for over two months.

We've been stuck, and if I want to buy something I use my laptop and go online.

I'll place a "click and collect" order and once I've received the confirmation email, I will drive to the store location.

However I have found when I arrive that I am faced with barriers.

The glass automatic doors are locked.

On the door is a sign with a phone number to call but no text number or email.  

With just a phone number I am stuck, I can't just phone and I don't have the energy to use another route and contact NZ Relay.

I have tried knocking on the doors and have managed to get the staff's attention.

When they get to the door I hold up my phone and show them the confirmation email and sign that I am Deaf. 

They then head off and get my order.

The other day I had been knocking on a door to gain attention and I'd had no response.

A hearing person approached me and I told him I was Deaf and couldn't phone the store.

He then helped me by phoning the store.

The staff then bought the item to the door and I showed them the confirmation email.

I went back to my car, there have been a few times this situation has bought me to tears and left me feeling low.

When I see how quick and easy it is for a hearing person to make a call and collect an item.

For deaf people there are constant barriers. 

Wow, a good challenge that I just wanted to share with you.

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