The signing is too fast

Post by Stevie and Teki

Stevie to camera: This is Teki Nuku and he’s from here,  Porirua. Thanks for being here Teki.

Stevie to Teki:  How was it for you watching the interpreted coronavirus briefings last year? Was it okay or was the signing too fast for instance? How was it?

Teki: nods

Stevie: Was it too fast?

Teki: shakes his head

Stevie:  Would it make it easier if the signing was slower? Would that make it easier for you to understand?

Teki: nods

Stevie to Teki: What was it like last year with coronavirus for you ? Was it hard with the T.V access?

Teki: shrugs, mouth something and then nods

Stevie to Teki: It was hard? You wanted things to be slower and easier to understand?

Teki: nods

Stevie to Teki: Have you been to hospital?

Teki: shakes his head

Stevie to Teki: Didn’t you go to hospital a while ago?

Teki: points to his arm

Stevie to Teki: Did you break it? Was it sore?

Teki: mouths somethings but not sure what he is saying, shakes his head.

Stevie to Teki: it was fast?

Stevie to Teki: How did you go to hospital? Who was with you? Did you have an interpreter?

Teki: points to his head.

Stevie to Teki: What’s that? Is your head sore?

Teki: Says something but not sure what he is saying, points to his head again.

Stevie to Teki: your head is sore? Is it hard for you?

Teki: nods, yes.

Stevie to Teki: that’s tough.

Teki: far out!

Stevie to Teki: it’s hard. Is communication hard?

Teki; nods.

Stevie to Teki: Can you tell me more?

Teki: shrugs

Stevie to Teki: Is it hard to understand?

Teki: responds but not sure what he says.

Stevie to camera: It’s hard to have a conversation together. If you’ve had a broken arm or a had a stroke, communication can be really challenging. It can be harder also when you have interpreters who may sign too fast for people like Teki who would like it to be slower, at his pace, so he can understand.

Stevie to Teki: Thanks  for talking Teki.

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