Support one another with lots of love

Post by Judith Mason

Hello… hope you are well.

We've been in lockdown for a while, from 17th August until now.

People are struggling with their wellbeing with feelings of stress, and feeling more isolated.

Catching up with each other over video phone trying to support each other with love, looking after one another.

Similarly here at my home with our neighbours and checking to make sure they are all ok.

If we look back at history and how people tried to oppress others because of their religious beliefs, and there were terrible wars.

Then more recently the bullying and oppression of people who are straight, gay, lesbian. People are hurt becoming depressed, their mental health and wellbeing is impacted and they have lost friends.

Things are improving now and people are broadening their way of thinking and are more understanding and accepting.

Now I want to move onto the Covid vaccination and people feeling under pressure to have the vaccine with all the hype.

Some people are really committed to having the vaccine and are being given are hard time for this choice.

Some people don't want the vaccine because they are fearful and are being given a hard time for their choice, this is affecting friendships to the point of severing relationships and further impacting wellbeing. This really needs to stop, we need to be supporting each other, caring for each other.

No matter what keep on supporting each other.

People may change their minds and decide they want to be vaccinated.

Carry on supporting one another with lots of love.

Thank you

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