Part 1: Waiting for jab

Post by Hemi Hema

Kia Ora, Good morning.

The reason I'm here today is to have my Covid vaccine shot.

This drive through centre opens at 8.30am and interesting I'm the first to arrive.

When I rang and booked the appointment I told them I was Deaf and they said "no problem".

It will be interesting to see what will happen when I go in, how we will communicate wearing masks?

They will ask questions and I wonder if they will have an interpreter there?

When I booked I told them I was Deaf and they booked me into the vaccination site at Addington racecourse in Christchurch.

People (staff) are arriving now and I will have to drive through just not sure how we will communicate, maybe there will be an interpreter there? maybe not.

You see with the mask on and signing who knows!

When I'm spoken to I can sign that I'm Deaf and show them this note that I have written - I can hold it up by the window and maybe when they read the note they will panic - who knows.

I'll send you an update tomorrow and let you know how I got on and how we communicated.

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