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Post by Ricki

Kia ora, My name is Ricki (indicates name sign in New Zealand Sign Language) and I'm from Wellington.

When the Corona virus outbreak first occurred and we were being told how serious this disease, and how it easily it could spread through the population, I thought to myself what would I do?

I would do what I have done in the past (many times before), I would speak to my parents as a source of information on the situation and they would explain to me what I should do. I would have listened, followed their advice and done the same as they did.

Unfortunately my parents passed away long before COVID-19 came about so (I can't ask them) now I look to the government for information I need about situations like this.

It's simple really, I follow the advice they provide regarding masks, being vaccinated and so on.

There are so many opinions out there. You could choose to follow what other people are saying or what's being said in the newspaper and in the media. But if you listen to all of that, it all becomes very confusing (about what you should do and who to listen to) and difficult to decide, leaving you lost as to whom you should take advice from, which advice you should follow.

One source of information (on the COVID-19 situation) is enough. Following what the government says to do is the same as them giving you an oxygen mask help you breathe.

It's good to learn from these incredible situations in (my) life. Just like the lessons we have learnt throughout human history. We have been through wars, pandemics, diseases such as the influenza outbreak. Truly incredible times. And we've never before seen the likes of what we have experienced this year.

So what I do is, remain calm and follow the Government's advice.

Kia Ora.

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