It was really good to share together

Post by Patrick Bothwell

Kia ora, my name is Patrick Bothwell, this is my sign name. I'm from Wellington.

My partner Ripeka explained the COVID-19 vaccination to me and we agreed together that we would get it and set a date for us to go in and get it done. I think it was a Saturday morning that we decided on.

When we arrived, they checked that my details we all correct. After that I went through and had the vaccine, it was very easy for me. They talked through some things with us like the medications we were on, it was all very clear.

There were a few other Deaf people there and interpreters were around so it was really good to be able to share that together. People were all wandering around and mingling together, it was really good.

Then they gave us a cup of tea and even some food that we could take home. People were really impressed with how it went and that it only took 20 minutes or so, that's all! They wanted us to stay for a little while, about 15 minutes I think, and then we could go home. Overall, I enjoyed it.

When I went to bed that night, the arm that I had the vaccine in was a bit sore and I was a bit restless. That only lasted about three days and then it felt fine. Before the vaccine, I'd had a bit of a cold but that cleared up and I felt much stronger and healthier even on the second day after my vaccination.

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