I have had 50 nose tests!

Post by Barbara Peri

Hello my name is Barbara Peri. I work at The Sebel hotel as a cleaner. I have been there now for 2 years. The Sebel is a COVID Hotel, during the first COVID outbreak I was working in the hotel it was ok. The second year has been terrible.

The Hotel Manager told me that I would have to have the vaccine, if I did not have the vaccine I would no longer have a job.

I accepted that I would need to have the vaccine. The Hotel is an important workplace. I have had both of my vaccines. It was fine.

Now, well, in my first year I did not have any nasal swabs. From August 2020 until now I have been tested 50 times (nasal swab). Over and over again and again. At first, I had to complain because I couldn't have the throat swab but it didn't work. It only made me gag. I just had to accept that it had to be the nasal swab and have them over and over again and again. It is good to know that I am safe and healthy and protecting other people from COVID.

Many of the people who have stayed in the hotel had COVID. I know that we had to be prepared, we had to use a different mask (KM3), you have to protect yourself. I have been wearing these masks for a long time now.

When a group leaves the hotel and another group comes in sometimes we get someone staying at the hotel with COVID. It's very serious, we need to deep clean and sanitize with special sanitiser.

With my mask, my vaccine, and sanitizing my hands I am good.

Thank you, bye.

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