I have allergies

Post by Kim Robinson, Northland

Hi my name is Kim and I live in Whangarei, up North. My story of the Covid jab mmmm was it a smooth process? Sort of.

I have allergies and side effects to a number of medications and so I needed to check with my regular doctor and another doctor.

After about 3 months of discussion and investigation to make sure it would be safe for me they gave the go ahead that I could have the injection.

I booked an appointment and said I would need an interpreter to have clear communication, so they booked one. I also wanted an interpreter as I was worried that I might not be able to lipread the security person at the door.

At the time, unfortunately the interpreter was sick so I had to use Zoom. I brought my own phone from home all ready to go. They asked some questions and there was no real problem.

Although I think it could have been better if there was a more integrated system for Deaf people to be able to book interpreters as we need good communication. However overall it went reasonably well.

Thanks Byeeee

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