I cannot move to my retirement village!

Post by Mary Johnson

Good afternoon today is my last day here. Oops my name is Mary Johnson.

I have lived here for 30 years. I sold my house. Today is settlement day, unfortunately it is the same day as lockdown, and I cannot move. Oh my God!

But I've been packing and packing. I packed up everything quickly, but as I was packing I slowed down because I couldn't go out and I can't ask people to help me. Oh my God! I had to be patient. I packed my things, put them into piles.

I want to say thank you to the people who supported and explained the situation to me. I was on the phone to the lawyer and the land agent to make sure that everything was covered. Thank you to all the people that supported me through this time of lockdown.

I got anxious and worried but I said to myself no you need to move on. I know when I move it was going to be a good time and I will enjoy myself. I am looking forward to moving into a retirement village apartment.

The retirement village is in the Auckland suburb of Greenlane. I am really looking forward to going there.

I am looking forward to moving there but I need to have patience, because of lockdown and we are still in lockdown now. We need to move on.

Thank you

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