I broke my ankle

Post by Karen

Hi I'm Karen. This is my sign name.

I'm here to talk about my experience with COVID-19 - I was asked to talk about any disappointments, barriers, the negatives or the positives.

For me, unfortunately my experience has been negative because I broke my ankle around the same time. It was good though, because I had to stay home in lockdown to allow my ankle time to rest and mend. But still, it was a bit of a problem.

In the community, people were being made to wear masks when they were around other people and also wash their hands regularly. I made sure my wh?nau knew that they must wear a mask and wash their hands. They needed to keep in mind that if one person caught COVID, they could pass it on to six people who could then each pass it on to six more people and it would spread so quickly through the community. It's quite risky! We needed to be careful.

If everyone does the right thing and follows the rules, it will mean protecting themselves and protecting their wh?nau. It is so important.

I understand that everyone has their own experiences but, to be safe, if you haven't had the vaccine yet, please get it. It's worth it to protect you and your wh?nau, as well as others in the community.

Thank you for watching.

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