I already have a vaccination passport

Post by Abbie Twiss

Kia ora, I am a Deaf artist. I am here standing in my workshop during this current (Covid-19) lockdown. The workshop is situated very close to my home, just over there in that direction.

I have here my vaccination passport that I would like to show you. Yes, it's the real deal. 1989 was the first time I received the passport, I was fourteen years old at the time and travelling to Europe. This second one was issued in 1998, I was going to Thailand for a month, backpacking with Deaf friends from the UK. We had a really great time.

Recently I have been following the news, information in the media, on the internet and I cannot believe the misinformation that is out there (about vaccine passports) . It simply isn't true. I'm certainly not going to buy into all the (negative) hype as I have had previous experiences with using a vaccine passport to travel, so I know. I can honestly say it's worth having. I was fine (never got ill). I have been able to travel, see the world, so many countries all over which has been wonderful.

I think it is really important that New Zealand set up a vaccine passport. It's great to see other countries rolling out the vaccine, to protect everyone (against the virus).

I follow a Deaf couple in Melbourne (and have seen that they have been) in lockdown for 267 days and that's a long time in comparison to here in Auckland, where we have only been in for 34 days and counting. I do hope that we will not have continuous extended stays in level 3 and then have another sudden outbreak meaning moving back up to level 4 again. We just don't know what can happen. I certainly hope (the current) lockdowns won't continue until Christmas. Though there is a risk of that happening.

I'd like to see us be successful (in our fight against Covid-19) and prove to the rest of the world that (we can do it). That would be great. We can but only do our best. Just think about that.

Going through this (Covid-19) pandemic is a very emotional time for everyone. Deaf people all over aren't used to being stuck at home for such a long period of time. They are feeling really isolated. They are desperate to see people, have them visit but unfortunately that isn't possible (right now).

Well that's it from me. Take care all!

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