Friend from Sweden

Post by Rachel Noble, Wellington

Hi, I want to talk about my friend and her experiences with Long COVID.

My friend is young, fit and healthy. She went to Sweden to do some further study. She arrived in Sweden and mixed with the people there and life was good.

Then COVID-19 arrived, and started to spread around the world. Most countries went into lockdown but Sweden adopted a different system. They stayed open but expected everyone to keep a good distance from other people. People still mixed and mingled, and sadly got COVID.

In March 2020 my friend got COVID.

Now in July 2021 she’s still sick. COVID itself has gone but she has Long Covid. This means her nervous system – the connection from her brain to the rest of her body is not connecting properly, her blood system is not working properly and her lungs – for breathing – are stuffed. Some days she feels good, some days she feels really foggy, its very up and down. Sometimes she feels really really anxious, sometimes she is gasping for air saying she just wants air. Sometimes she feels so unsettled, can't plan ahead. Sometimes she feels so worn out and can’t do anything. She finds it hard to concentrate. For a while she was improve then it went bad again. She has to rest a lot. She couldn’t study, had to postpone her work.

Is it going to be like this forever? Don't know.

Do Doctors know about Long COVID? Not really. Doctors are still studying what Long COVID is even now.

It’s important to remember that anyone can get Long COVID. Anyone can get Long COVID. If you get COVID some will get Long COVID and be sick for a long time.

My worry is that I don’t want people to catch Long COVID. I don’t want people to have the same experience as her.

For me, i went ahead to have my vaccinations to make sure me, my friends and my family are safe and live well.

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