COVID was like having 6 men lying on my chest

Post by Richard

Hello my name is Richard, I'm from England.

I was COVID-19 positive last January. I was so sick. For 6 weeks I lay there so ill.

So what did it feel like. My lungs felt so constrained. It as like having 6 men lying on my chest pressing down hard. I couldn't push them off. I couldn't get out, they were pressing down so hard. I felt so so sick. When I wanted to get up to go to the toilet I had to take such slow steps. The toilet was right next to my bedroom, the toilet door and the bedroom door are right next to each other but every time I wanted to go to the toilet it felt like I was walking 7 miles! It felt so far even though it was so close. I felt so ill.

Breathing was so difficult, trying to breath in and breathe out – it was hard.  You feel like you can't breathe. You can't cope, you're trying to breathe, my eyes were hurting, my whole head was hurting – it was like it was under a lot of pressure. When you go outside for fresh air you're just gasping trying to get that air. It was horrible. It was like that for six weeks! Finally it went away, but my sense of taste and smell has gone!

I've now had two vaccination injections with the COVID vaccine. Soon I will have my 3rd vaccine shot. That means in the future if I get COVID again I won't get as ill as I did before. I might get sick, but it won't be like before when I was so ill. I will get better more quickly.

I encourage all of you to get your first and second vaccine. Its so important to support vaccinations.

If you don't support vaccinations or are anti-vaccinations you can't fly or travel to other countries. You can't fly. Having vaccinations is a way to support flying and travel. To support the reduction of COVID, to fight coronavirus.

I've been through the experience, wow. Now I’m confident I know what coronavirus is like and I can beat it. I know what it is like, I'm not scared because I know if I get coronavirus again I won't get as sick as I was before. Why, because I've had my vaccinations. The vaccine will stop me getting so sick.

Thank you, look after yourselves bye bye.

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